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Our professional team is ready to answer all the needs of our customers and have knowledge to modify all our products to all the extremes that will satisfy even the most difficult tasks! Core values of quality, reliability and innovations will continue to direct our team of scientist, engineers and technicians to lead the way to develop new defense and weather modification product.

Who We Are

ICEMAK is established in 2005, and it has evolved from many years of work in the field of defence and weather modifications by the leading chemists and company's in this fields. In the beginning the company dealt only with production of weather modification products, and in 2009 started with the production of less lethal ammunition and devices.

ICEMAK is built on an area of 5000m2, and possesses one administrative building and two sophisticated production plants, of which one is equipped to produce irritating (tear gas, OC, CN) ammunition. Our activities cover all aspects, from product design to production, including supply, transport and support. ICEMAK’s portfolio includes about 25 products which have been researched and developed at our own plant, approved by the Macedonian Army and Police, and have applicability to armed forces, the peace forces of the United Nations, and various other Police forces within several regions of the world. ICEMAK has partnered with some of the most respected firms around the world to elevate its expertise and bring to its customers every element of success to one place.

ICEMAK also operates as a trading company, and is licensed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for carrying out a trade activity with weapons and military equipment, under license №.143/1.

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