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ICEMAK Ltd. which is registered under corporate law of Republic of Macedonia, is a company owning all the required licenses and permissions for trade in armament and military equipment, and it has acquired extensive experience, many clients and the know-how for successful work in this specific field.

ICEMAK Ltd. Is headquartered in the Republic of Macedonia and its operations span in all major arms markets and services around the World.

ICEMAK Ltd. has good cooperation with producers and suppliers in the field of the production of arms and dual use goods from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland etc.

ICEMAK Ltd is specialized in the following activities:

  • - Import/Export and trade of all types of conventional Weapons, Ammunition, military and dual use equipment.
  • - Supply of Spare parts for military equipment
  • - Technical Assistance
  • - Logistic Assistance

ICEMAK Ltd. strategy aims to keep and expand its presence on the international markets, making direct deliveries, participating in tenders organized by the Ministries of Defence and other institutions in the country and abroad. As a result of the many qualitative and specific projects duly completed, ICEMAK Ltd is a well known company preferred to supply goods and services for all the needs of the defence and security sectors.

Our company operates in full compliance with all resolutions of the UN Security Council and international arms control treaties.

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