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37 / 40mm CS ROUNDS

37/40mm CS ROUNDS

The 37/40mm CS ROUNDS are pyrotechnic products intended for temporally incapacitating of unprotected crowd both open and enclosed space. Fired to a target these rounds rapidly produce contaminated atmosphere infecting temporary incapacitation of rioters. It provokes hard irritation, teasing of eyes and mucous membrane, uneasiness to see with eyes and choking without inflicting permanent injury.

These rounds are compatible with both, 37/38mm and 40mm Anti-Riot Guns.

1. IM37CCS-1P - 37/40mm CS ROUND – 01 projectile  

2. IM37CCS-3P - 37/40mm CS ROUND – 03 projectile

3. IM37CCS-4P - 37/40mm CS ROUND – 04 projectile  

4. IM37CCS-DE - 37/40mm CS ROUND – double effect – CS + 1 bang

5. IM37CCS-1PP - 37/40mm CS ROUND – 01 glass piercing projectile

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